Cashmere Luxe


$550.00 AUD

Immerse yourself in the world of sheer luxury with our Extra Large Lightweight Pure Cashmere Shawl, a masterful creation by our skilled artisans in the enchanting landscapes of Nepal. Hand-loomed to perfection, this shawl embodies the essence of exclusivity and comfort. The pure cashmere used in its making offers a buttery-soft touch against your skin, while its lightweight nature ensures a delightful draping experience. Revel in the artful blend of tradition and modernity, as the shawl features timeless designs that complement any outfit, whether casual or formal. Wrap yourself in the unmatched softness and elegance of this pure cashmere shawl, knowing that each thread is woven with utmost care and passion by our talented Nepalese artisans.

Your Cashmere wrap comes with it's own cashmere Luxe travel bag

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100% Pure cashmere

Wight 100 Grams

Dry Clean or Cold Hand Wash

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