Cashmere Luxe

Cashmere Felted Scarf Hand Tie Dye - Navy

$450.00 AUD

Elevate your style with the unmatched beauty of our tie dyed hand-loomed felted cashmere scarves. Crafted with the precision and care, each scarf is made from the highest quality cashmere fibers and transformed through the art of felting. the felting process enhances the scarf's texture, creating a plush and tactile accessory that is both cozy and stylish. Embrace the opulence and sophistication of these hand-loomed scarves, making a statement wherever you go 

All the felted scarves come with very sophisticating packaging, using Lokta paper which is indigenous to Nepal. The paper was used historically for religious scriptures, these boxes are truly beautiful.

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Pure Cashmere - Hand-loomed, hand dyed, comes with a cashmere carry bag

Size 70 x 200 cm - pls note the scarf may not be these exact measurements because of the manual work that goes into creating them.

Dry clean or cold wash

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