Cashmere Luxe

Heavy Felted Scarf -Hand Tie Dyed Grey

$450.00 AUD

Pre-Order arriving first week of May 2024

Our exclusive Heavy Felted Scarves are crafted with painstaking attention to detail and feature luxurious, handwoven pure cashmere. The weaver works to perfect the texture and consistency of each scarf, creating a piece of unisex fashion that can be dressed up or down. Our talented colourist hand-dyes the final product for a sophisticated tie-dyed design - giving you endless stylish possibilities.


This felted scarf is packaged in a Lokta paper gift box which is native to Nepal. Historically, this paper was used to write religious scriptures and its beauty is undeniable.

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Pure Cashmere - Hand-loomed - Hand dyed

Size 70 x 200 cm - pls note the scarf may not be these exact measurements because of the manual work that goes into creating them.

Dry clean or cold wash

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