Cashmere Luxe

Heavy Felted Scarf -Hand Tie Dyed Grey


Our new range of handwoven, pure cashmere scarves, started out as being part of the mens range, but once I received the first sample and put it around my neck, I just had to have one, so now I consider them unisex.

So much work goes into creating these fabulous pieces, they are very time consuming. The weaver must rub the cashmere until he has the same consistence throughout the scarf, this is very strenuous work and requires a lot of attention to detail.

The scarf then goes to our master colourist to create the beautiful tie dye design, the end result is a very sophisticated scarf that can be dressed with jeans or worn with a suit jacket, the choices are endless.

CashmereLUXE is a huge supporter of in keeping these traditional modes of weaving alive in a world of fast fashion

All the felted scarves come with very sophisticating packaging, using Lokta paper which is indigenous to Nepal. The paper was used historically for religious scriptures, these boxes are truly beautiful.

Pure Cashmere - Hand-loomed - Hand dyed

Size 70 x 200 cm - pls note the scarf may not be these exact measurements because of the manual work that goes into creating them.

Dry clean or cold wash

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