Cashmere Luxe



Our hand-loomed Cashmere blend scarf in stunning blues and greys are a modern take on the classic Ikat design. These scarves were hand-woven exclusively for Cashmere Luxe.

Our Ikat collection is  homage to our Nepalese artisans heritage, highlighting their talent as weavers, and love of colour.

Cashmere Luxe and our Nepalese partners joined together our creative forces to create a collaboration, creating a traditional collection with a modern twist that celebrates the Nepalese culture.

Each piece is hand-woven by our Master weavers making each wrap unique and special.

Our Master weavers and colourist use traditional techniques to dye and weave each Ikat scarf, making them a timeless piece to treasure that tells a stories of over 150 years. 

CashmereLUXE is a huge supporter of keeping these traditional modes of weaving alive in a world of fast fashion

True Luxury Takes Time

Cashmere wool 150 Grams

Cotton 150 Grams

Total Weight 300 Grams

Cold Hand Wash


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