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The word Batik conjures thoughts of exotic, oriental textiles rich in colour and design. These works of art are something that you will have for a very long time, and will still look beautiful after many many wears.

The origins of this intricate art form are largely unknown, however for a long time it has been mostly prevalent in Java, Indonesia. It was practiced as a hobby by "fine ladies"and so the ability to make the exquisite cloth was considered a sign of refinement.

Muslim immigrants migrated across the boarder of Indonesia, and made a home in the Southernmost part of Thailand where they brought with them the skills and traditions of Batik making. This craft has been passed on for generations and refined over time.

It is a type of resist dying where the resist is created with hot wax, which dries on the textiles to create a pattern, after that, the areas are painted. Using a wax pen, anything can be drawn, thus many stories are told.

Cashmere LUXE is a huge supporter of helping to keep these rich traditions alive in a world of fast fashion.

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