Cashmere Luxe



Charcoal is a new addition to my travel wrap throw collection, it's an easy colour to work with and suits most spaces.

My Cashmere LUXE throws are such a versatile piece to own. They can be great as a bed or sofa throw, or as a throw you can wear yourself, they make a great travel accessory.

All Cashmere LUXE throws are hand loomed by a Nepalese artisan, exclusively for Cashmere LUXE, each throw takes days to create and must be completed by the original weaver. Once woven they are all hand dyed by expert colourist using tradition technics which is also very time consuming. The finished result has a very earthy feel.

These wraps are a great investment into the luxury of handloom weaving, which is becoming a dying art form in a world of fast fashion.

True Luxury Takes Time

CashmereLUXE is a huge supporter of keeping these traditional modes of weaving alive in a world of fast fashion


Weight 320 grams


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