Cashmere Luxe



This light grey wrap is a very soft grey with a slightly silver feel. It is the latest addition to our colours due to popular demand.

Our wraps are the perfect fashion accessory that provide stunning warmth, comfort and versatility all year round.

Our Cashmere Luxe collection is sustainably-crafted using only the finest cashmere fibres and traditional weaving techniques. By working directly with master artisans, our textiles are brought to life in a way that celebrates their century-old craftsmanship.

These extra large wraps are so wonderfully light, incredibly soft, and the perfect travel companion.

True Luxury Takes Time

CashmereLUXE is a huge supporter of keeping these traditional modes of weaving alive in a world of fast fashion

135 grams


Cloud Cashmere comes with a cashmere travel bag

Dry Clean Or Cold Hand Wash

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